Welcome to St. Peter's United Methodist Church

The Pumpkins are Coming in October!!!  

St. Peter's Annual Pumpkin Patch

The Pumpkin Patch is held annually in the month of October. This event is a fundraiser for our children and  youth programs,

but it is also so much more.


Through our Pumpkin Patch we are able to reach beyond our congregation to the community to create memories that last a lifetime. We are so blessed to make new friends, share special moments and spread the light of Jesus.


Thank you for making our patch part of your holiday traditions!  

We Love Our Volunteers!

Our Pumpkin Patch would not exist without volunteers!

This is the perfect place for families to volunteer side by side while reaching out to the community.

Whether it’s unloading a truck with 3,000 pumpkins, helping a customer buy their “perfect pumpkin,” or baking our famous pumpkin bread, it’s quality time for the entire family and a great opportunity to introduce the church to the community.

Volunteers of all ages are welcome!

Love people and pumpkins? Looking for a way to make new friends? Need community service hours? Stay tuned for volunteer sign up HERE.


Visit Wellington's Only Pumpkin House!

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Join Us for the Party in the Patch

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Take Fabulous Photos!

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Schedule a Field Trip & See Our Scarecrow

We will be scheduling field trips beginning in August!

Buy Our Homemade Pumpkin Bread!