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We welcome you to St. Peter's and invite you to visit us this Sunday.



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We would like to get to know you and we welcome you to get to know us.  We believe you will find people of all kinds here. Meet a new diverse family.

True service not only benefits others, but impacts our lives as well. You are welcome to join us. There is room for you.

Learning, growing and     

discussing. We all have        a personal walk to share

as we learn together.

The only thing you need to visit, is to know where we are. 

   Join us just as you are.

Come serve with us.

     Come grow with us.

  • We believe Jesus loves you just as you are. His plan for us is to follow Him in loving and and helping others.

  • We believe you will like what you find at St. Peter's. Please plan a visit.

St. Peter's UMC

Welcome From The Pastor:

Pastor Cory Britt

 From Pastor Cory Britt!

"From The Pastor's Desk"

November 2019

John 6:40

     For this is the will of my Father, that everyone who looks on the Son and believes in him should have eternal life

     Remember that little song, “o be careful little eyes what you see, for the father up above is looking down with love o be careful little eyes what you see”. I remember liking the songs and being afraid of it too. What if I look at the wrong thing! It kind of turns Jesus into a divine Santa Clause image “you better watch out you better not cry…” as if God is just waiting for us to mess up and crush us with his cosmic thumb of judgment.


      Now, I’ve no doubt that God does see what we do and there are things he’d prefer we be careful with and not do, but we need to caution ourselves and our image of God and not make him some warden of cell block 5 always trying to keep us in line. No, God hasn’t sent his Son to manage our behavior, but to change our heart.


     The best way to change behavior is to change the heart. How, then, is the heart to be changed? By gazing upon Jesus. Jesus says that everyone who looks upon the Son and believes will have eternal life. To gaze upon Christ is life. To look away is death. You see, we cannot gaze on Jesus and be full of the self, we will either look away or his love will change our life. To look upon the face of God we choose to die so that we can live.


      How? We cannot lust after the things of this world and look at Christ, we cannot look at gluttony or malice and behold his face, we cannot entertain pride, arrogance, selfishness, and bitterness and look upon the face of God.


     It’s not a matter of closing one’s eye to the world, but instead of looking at an object as belonging to you or solely for your pleasure, be it inanimate or another person, you begin looking at them while looking at Jesus. 


     In this series, Treasures of the Transformed Life, we are looking at different practices that help us to gaze upon the face of God and stand in his grace. Praying, attending to corporate worship, being generous and sacrificial with our giving, serving others beyond our comfort, are not simply ways for us to build a denominational church structure, but are designed in a way to recalibrate our gaze, to change how we look at our calendar, our wallet, and our watch. When we practice the disciplines of the faith, we are practicing how we look at Jesus. Looking at Jesus changes how we see God and see one another.


     When we gaze upon Jesus, we begin to behold the beauty of God, we begin to see creation, including our family, neighbors, and even enemies as Jesus sees them and we begin to live in the life that only can be found in the creator of life. To gaze upon Jesus is to gaze on his love that is already at work in the environment you are in.


     What practices can you do to turn your eyes upon Jesus?


Peace and Blessings,


Pastor Cory Britt


To discover some of the ways to get involved and connect with the St. Peter's family, please visit the following pages:  Youth     Children & Preschool     Adults in Service

Acolyte Training

December 1 at 12:15pm

in the Sanctuary

for children/youth 3rd grade and up.

An acolyte is a person who assists in the worship service. Normally, the acolyte serves by lighting and extinguishing the candles on the altar table. Occasionally, an acolyte also may assist in other portions of the worship service.When you serve God by serving as an acolyte, you are doing more than carrying a flame to the altar candles. The acolytes lead the procession by bringing the “Light of Christ” into our worship service and lighting the candles. At the end of service, they extinguish the candles and remind us that each of us is called to carry the “Light of Christ” out into the world as they symbolically leave with their wands lit. We hope that by serving as an acolyte, you will be filled with a sense of spiritual meaning and fulfillment. You will make new friends, have fun, and through your commitment grow in service to our church. Any child or youth in 3rd grade or higher is invited to attend acolyte training and to become a part of this very special ministry.

If you are interested in becoming an acolyte, please come to our upcoming training class.

Upward Evaluations November 12-14

Please consider spending a night or three with us!!  It doesn't take any basketball knowledge! Just a person who can count to 10 and a person who can use a stopwatch (usually on their cell phone).  Middle school through adults are encouraged, community service hours are given for those in school.

Help our participants run through drills or size uniforms. This is a fun time for the kids to come get a taste of basketball and practice at four different stations.  Cones, Baskets, Uniforms, and Photos!  You are welcome to pick your day(s) and station.  Please contact me if you are able to help.  The more volunteers, the shorter the lines and faster the families can be in and out of the gym.  

 For more information contact our Upward Coordinator Jennifer Klinkowitz at upward@stpeters-umc.org.

Visit our Upward Web Page for more details.

Email: upward@stpeters-umc.org

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