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Pastor Cory Britt                                                               "From the Pastor's Desk"

A welcome from Cory

“You thrill to God’s word, you chew on Scripture day and night”

Psalm 1:2


I was with my 9th grader, Sydney, in the grocery store and we were looking at cereal. I saw a box of Honey Smacks (the one with the Frog) and I told my kid that when I was a kid they were called Sugar Smacks. At some point, when health food fads started happening, the cereal companies realized parents were averse to buying food that was explicitly labeled as sugar. The solution was to change the recipe… NOO! They just changed the name of the cereals.

We love the idea of eating healthier, but we do not like the practice, so we readily buy into eating empty promises and lies. How often are we disappointed when we are told the best way to lose weight is to eat less and move more! Much like the rich young ruler whom Jesus told to sell his stuff, we walk away sad.

What threw me, though, was when I started paying attention to what I was eating. 4 Oreos are equal to 1 Cheeseburger! That cookie may give you instant satisfaction, but provides no nutrients, is not filling, and is stored away in our body as fat. I look at food in relationship to my goals now. This doesn’t mean I neglect taste, but I am more judicious as it relates to the full picture of my life.

From The Pastor's Desk-Continued

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