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We welcome you to St. Peter's and invite you to visit us this Sunday.



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We would like to get to know you and we welcome you to get to know us.  We believe you will find people of all kinds here. Meet a new diverse family.

True service not only benefits others, but impacts our lives as well. You are welcome to join us. There is room for you.

Learning, growing and     

discussing. We all have        a personal walk to share

as we learn together.

The only thing you need to visit, is to know where we are. 

   Join us just as you are.

Come serve with us.

     Come grow with us.

  • We believe Jesus loves you just as you are. His plan for us is to follow Him in loving and and helping others.

  • We believe you will like what you find at St. Peter's. Please plan a visit.

St. Peter's UMC

Welcome From The Pastor:

Pastor Cory Britt

 From Pastor Cory Britt!

"From The Pastor's Desk"

September 2019

Dear St. Peter's Family,

Getting Dressed

Colossians 3:12-17

Have you ever attempted to dress a three year old?  It should be an Olympic sport.  My theory is that three year olds are made of slippery elastic.  Sometimes you get lucky and they will do just what you want.  You ask them to raise their arms and they raise their arms.  You ask them to stick out their foot and they stick out their foot.  However, many of us have experienced the other side of that little angel.  All of a sudden you find yourself in the middle of a Three Stooges routine.  Whoever would have thought you could get hurt getting dressed?  Their strategy is quite ingenious.  First they try the limp limb maneuver.  This is a style of child combat in which the child’s arms or legs are only going to be moved if you move them.  It amounts to trying to dress a piece of wet spaghetti.  The other strategy is what I call “aggravated mime assault.”  What happens here is that the child will be asked to raise their right arm and the left arm will go up.  This lulls you into an idea that you simply need to start with the arm they raised. But no, just as you shift to accommodate, they reverse course.  And so the process continues with the legs and head and feet. I think yoga has a pose for only masters called “Jeans on Toddler”.  The parent will have the kid in one arm and the jeans in another arm.  The legs are kicking in the air and the parent is trying to work the jeans on like they would a pillowcase on a pillow.  This is when parents sustain injuries from little toes and fingers shoved in their nose and eyes.  I’ve seen grown men whimper in defeat at the damage an acorn sized fist can do. Fathers are typically (though not always) the worst at navigating these feats of dextrous dressings.  They are the ones who end up saying.  “Alright then, you dress yourself!” which the child happily does.  When I worked as a daycare teacher I could always tell when it was dad’s turn to dress their child.  Absolutely nothing matched on the child and you could tell the child put on their favorite of every type of clothing.


To discover some of the ways to get involved and connect with the St. Peter's family, please visit the following pages:  Youth     Children & Preschool     Adults in Service

St. Peter's United Methodist Church is in search of a full-time director of youth ministries. The applicant should be a Christian of strong conviction with enthusiasm mixed with confidence, authority and compassion. As this is a job that requires a variety of hours, the applicant and family members, if applicable, should be aware of the non-traditional work schedule involved with this position. Interested persons can submit questions or a resume to David Boyer dboyer2228.db@gmail.com or Rev. Cory Britt 


Coming soon to a church near you!

Registration opened on August 15 and closes on November 1, 2019. The cost per child is $150. Follow this link after August 15th to register online: UPWARD. For more information contact our Upward Coordinator Jennifer Klinkowitz at upward@stpeters-umc.org.

Visit our Upward Web Page for more details.

Email: upward@stpeters-umc.org

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