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Pastor Cory Britt                                                               "From the Pastor's Desk"

A welcome from Cory

    "Saying 'No' frees you up to say 'YES". That, at least, is what I was taught in my Family Systems Counseling class in graduate school. It is true, saying "no" does free you up to say "yes". However, we long to hear "yes" in our life when we ask certain questions. It was the summer before my Junior year in High School when I fell "in love" with a girl named Rebecca. We were on a youth trip Choir Tour called "Friends Forever". Our youth group was traveling state to state via a tour bus and Rebecca and I were sitting next to each other. As Lady Macbeth encouraged, I stuck my courage to the sticking place and reached out to hold Rebecca's hand. She gently grabbed my hand, looked me in the eye, and said, "Cory, what's the name of our musical". Ah, yes, "Friends Forever". Like the rest of that Shakespearean play, romance ended in tragedy. 

     The problem with "no" is that it is so uneventful. It means nothing changes. The day might be sadder, but life is still the same. I will say, I tried again a few months later and this time Love's Labour's Won; she said yes. 

     The beauty of this word! There is a reason "Yes" fills the world of the poet. Because in "Yes", life happens. Books and Movies and Plays are all filled with the word "Yes". It moves the plot along.

Genesis 1:1-5

     God simply is. The only original creator hovering around the beginning of God's own creation. A command is given, a declaration to be responded to with zeal. 


From The Pastor's Desk-Continued

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